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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  June 14, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a day after surrendering, a suspended baltimore city police officer faces a judge on first- degree murder. i'm sarah caldwell. that is our big story. but first, and developing story out of carroll county where police are searching for a man they say tried to shoot an officer during a routine traffic
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stop. authorities say 30-year-old brian joseph hill pulled a gun after being pulled over. it happened on old westminster road. invested in -- investigators say he attempted to shoot the officer but the gun misfired. the suspect sped away but his suv overturned and he got away on foot. a call carroll county posse anonymous tip help line -- carroll county posse anonymous tip help line did get the permission. it to your big story, gahiji tshamba was an accord facing first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of a former marine. late this morning the judge ordered the now suspended officer held without bail. barry simmons has more. >> gahiji tshamba. shackled in handcuffs. wearing blue jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes and glasses and his hair was closely cropped.
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he looked straight ahead with no expression. at central booking his attorney argued his client was not a flight risk -- the delay to get him into custody was the result of miscommunication. he argued gahiji tshamba acted after he witnessed a former marine tyrone brown sexually assaulted a woman outside a nightclub. >> he identified himself as an officer and had a service weapon which he is authorized to carry. things transpired. it a police officer in fear of his life has to do what he has to do to preserve his life. if one shot does not work, two, 3, 4, 5, 6 -- you fire until the threat is gone. >> states attorney responded sang "the shot an unarmed suspect 13 times, hitting him 12 times. it is not police practice to shoot an unarmed suspect."
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the judge denied bail due to seriousness of charges, threat to safety, concern for his safety and possibility he may flee. reporting live, very sims -- barry simms. >> prince george's county police officer is recovering after being shot in the leg this morning. he was off duty when he came across two robbery suspects in a bank in the area of old chapel road. the suspect is in custody. a second suspect is still on the loose. >> breaking news out of prince george's county where police made an arrest in the shooting
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death of maryland state trooper was willie brown. they are withholding the identity of the suspect pending a news conference -- wesley brown. he was gunned down after he removed it disruptive customer out of a restaurant. police say the customer return, opening fire. on saturday police interviewed a person of interest to was seen on surveillance video. we will have the latest tonight on 11 news at 5:00. funeral arrangements have been released. a public viewing friday, june 18, from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. at abyssinia baptist church. service is held the following day from 10:00 until noon at jericho city of praise. >> the heat is on for one more day. let us take a look.
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a mixture of clouds and sunshine. some clout starting to roll in. we could see some more clouds this afternoon and may be isolated thunderstorms. a stationary front will eventually pass through late this afternoon. that will mean better things tomorrow if you are sick of the hot weather. it is warm -- 86 downtown, at 82 in annapolis. humidity is still a little bit of a factor but not quite as bad as yesterday. slight chances of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. the high, at 88 degrees to 92 degrees. but upper 70's 4 forecast high tomorrow. we will let you know about that coming up. >> we will check back with you. concerned citizens fed up with dirt bikes on city streets will take their complaint to city hall. the rally is a war memorial plaza. they hope the rally will spark
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officials to better enforce laws to keep dirt bikes off the streets to protect the public. those who oppose the of 4 cent per bottle beverage tax took to the streets this morning. community leaders joined members of a coalition this morning in northeast baltimore to protest the tax. they hope city leaders will remove the proposal. city leaders say the tax could add $11 million a year toward closing the budget gap. residents in alabama and florida are on edge it as all lies blesses the coastline. it comes as president obama travels to that specific area to the monday for the first time. here's more. -- travel to the specific area for the first time. here's more. >> this is his first look at oil spread beyond louisiana, that invaded hundreds of miles.
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from beaches to restaurants running low on seafood. and a summer season where visitors are simply staying away. >> it was really sad. >> the president will meet with business owners and toward the oiled areas. this is a one-ton tar balls picked up in the waters at the florida-alabama border. the government gave bp a weekend deadline to bp -- to contain the leak. they say they placed new sensors. but tests yesterday in an interview with nbc news, by coo explains why the company cannot gauge the rate. >> the leak is at 5,000 feet of water. you can't put a meter on it. you cannot give precise measurements. >> the president is asking bp to
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set up billions of dollars in an account to pay claims. for many, it is just a start. >> i don't know. we are living week to week. >> with the oil still flowing and a long and desperate summer ahead. after he leaves on tuesday, the president will make his very first oval office address to the nation. a clear indication of how momentous this crisis now is. >> there is continuing coverage of the oil spill on our website, there is a link on the home page. researchers discovered a link between some blood pressure medications and cancer. and a rate decrease from bge -- why they are passing savings on. first, more controversy expected as arizona lawmakers set to introduce the second phase of immigration reform. it bans of those
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>> covering the nation, arizona republicans are expected to launch the second phase of their controversial immigration reform policy. they plan to introduce legislation this fall that would deny birth certificate is to children born to parents not
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legal u.s. citizens, but the 14th amendment says anyone born in the u.s. is an american citizen regardless of status. many believe the bill will likely end up before the supreme court. country music legend and businessman jimmy been passed away. family members say he died at his virginia home. not only known for his smash hit songs but successful sausage business. he sold the company in 1984. he was 81 years old. could your blood pressure medicine be doing more harm than good? when doctors discovered. >> and it is another warm one with humidity, but there will be a front moving through, and that will mean a big change at least for tomorrow. right now in the mid 80's. i will tell you about the change
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>> in the consumer alert, you will soon notice a drop in your bge bill. the company recently purchased wholesale power at a lower price. the lower prices should hold for at least a year. however, you could see an extra $2 added to your bill and the next couple of months. it is asking the service commission for relief and delivery costs. a pilot strike is causing spirit airlines to cancel all flights through tuesday. they are refunding fares but it does not always help stranded travelers. pilots walked of the job as part of an ongoing contract dispute. the airline has offered to increase pay over five years, but the pilots say the offer only matches inflation. if you are planning to take a flight soon you may not see peanuts. u.s. department transportation
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is calling for public comment on either peanut-free zones or outright ban. there are almost 2 million americans with peanut allergies, which can be life-threatening. peanut growers are not happy and they say they are being singled out. >> it is not quite as humid as yesterday. but first i will take you to arkansas. flash flooding going on. it started friday. some claim to have seen a war rawl as high as 20 feet early friday. -- water wall as high as 20 feet. it swelled up all of the creeks and rivers. actually today it is a very humid and unsettled as well, so they could see a couple of isolated heavy downpours. it is not good for the recovery. still monitoring the situation.
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close to home, we have not seen a lot of shower and storm activity. we anticipated a more yesterday than we actually got. today saw far, just some clouds of rolling in this afternoon -- today so far. the front is trapped -- that tracked the heat and and the humidity finally making a move out of here. we are still above normal, which is actually 83 for june 14. we will have a high of about 88 degrees in central maryland, 90 degrees in southern maryland. you want to take some respite and cool off in the day, there is no problem if you want to dodge the storms. waves are only about a foot. 98 degrees is the record high, set back in 1994. the average low 61 and we will
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see more cloud cover, so we will not see much of a dramatic drop in temperatures. but a chance of scattered storm activity tonight as the front gets through. tomorrow is the real change. part of an easterly flow of the atlantic. we will see a cooler day with highs only in the upper 70's. right now it has to clear, and right now it is hovering over baltimore. high pressure will not build in until tomorrow. we will get some wind flow off of the it lancet. speaking of the atlantic, an act of start to the tropical season. -- an act to start to the tropical season. -- active start to the tropical seas. the next couple of days expectancy the first area of tropical cycle with alex. thursday and friday, after
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looking warmer but a little less humid at least until the weekend. >> thank you. in the medical alert, evidence that some popular blood pressure medication might increase the risk for cancer. in a review, doctors found an association between slightly increased cancer risk and certain blood pressure drugs. the drugs looked at in this study were limited to only three in the class. millions of cancer survivors are not getting the follow up care doctors recommend, because it is too expensive. cancer survivors under of age of 65 were 55% more likely to delay or forgo all types of medical care then there peers who never had cancer. nearly 20% did not get one or more needed medical services because of financial concerns. doctors say cancer patients need
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to be monitored for years in case there cancer returned g-8 returns. are you tired and run down? have your doctor check your vitamin levels. >> after a routine physical, kathy discovered a problem she never knew was possible. her vitamin d levels were so low she had to take prescription supplements. >> i drank a lot of milk and i thought my vitamin d levels were fine. >> when we measure thousands of patients, the net debt -- the vast majority are low. >> it is sort of the epidemic. not a disease, but it is epidemic. everyone seems to be low. >> vitamin d is also called the sunshine vitamin because sunlight exposure is the best and natural source. it is essential for bone health but it is also crucial for finding all kinds of diseases. >> your immune system does not
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function as well, and therefore you are more susceptible to infections. there is a greater risk and incidence of heart attacks and strokes for those who are deficient, versus those who are ok on their levels. >> low vitamin d levels are linked to chronic pain, fatigue, depression. >> we work inside and the inside. when we go outside we are taught to wear sunscreen, which makes sense. but spf 15 or more blocks 99% of synthesis for vitamin d. >> darker skinned people are more at risk. nearly all non-hispanic blacks and most mexican americans had insufficient vitamin d. >> few foods are fortified with or naturally contain vitamin, so sunlight and supplements are key. how much you need depends on you -- your health, wait, skin color, and whether or not you
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use a gun -- sunblock. >> kathy feels healthier since starting the supplements, which also helps the body absorb calcium. >> in the last two years i have not had one called and ideally attributed to the vitamin. >> his patients' reports less muscle aches. doctors say the current recommended daily doses are actually inadequate. just about everyone should be getting more in one form or another. >> i would recommend every patient, every person in america get their vitamin d checked, because so many people are low and the ramifications of having low vitamin d are severe. >> many health groups recommends adults take 1000, to 2000 units of the vitamin daily, five times to 10 times the old recommendation. next, your lottery mid-day numbers. and a check of the forecasts. first, a look at how
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>> in honor of its 100 anniversary the motor vehicle administration has rolled out a new license plate. the design features for mcanally and a depiction of the war of 1812. -- fort mchenry. coming up this afternoon on oprah, the most honest conversation she has had with child molesters. a disturbing and fascinating oprah today at 4:00. and coming up at 5:00, a report finds problem and people across the globe forced into sexual
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slavery and prostitution. how the u.s. government is working to combat traffic in. maryland senators are back from the gulf coast. live tonight at this -- as they report. that and more at 11 news at 5:00. now your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> good afternoon. i am angela jackson. here are your pick 3 numbers. 8. moving on to the next number. 5. final number, coming up for the pick 3. 2. now this lottery message. >> plate pick 3 for $1 or more and you can win and the regular drawing with a bonus ticket, or the weekly prize drawing. this week's top prize, $50,000.
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all ready for pick 4. 2. >> -- 9. moving right along to this number. 8. we will rapid a lot with this one, which is -- 7. 2987. maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> i can say the weather lottery as a rundown. we will cool down tomorrow. more clouds, and maybe a chance of early showers and then clearing. wednesday, kind of opposite. we warm back up thursday and friday but it will not be as humid. typical summertime weather. the summer officially start sunday, on father's day. just in time for the weekend. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> watch tonight at 5:00.
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have a great day.
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